NEW BOOK by Lizzie Chantree

A Facebook friend, Lizzie Chantree, who has a fun and friendly Facebook Group, and who is always generous and kind to other authors has just published a new book. The paperback version is already up for sale on Amazon and the ebook version will be available on the 29 October.

I’ve just bought it for the price of a decent cup of choco latte moccacino with a dusting of chocolate powder with a sprinkle of gold dust and I will truly follow her advice for my next novel, which I hope to have finished by the end of 2020.

She certainly has a good brand with recognizable, fun covers for her novels.

When she’s not writing marketing books, her normal genre is romantic comedy. All of her posts reflect her good mood and positive vibe. She is no dark and dismal literary diva but rather a bubbling glass of sparkling wine, someone who has had remarkable success and yet who remains down to earth and connected to her readers and fellow writers alike.

This is what dedication is all about. This woman knows who she is and stays focussed on her mission to have every one of her books on the bestseller list. So far, it has worked.

My copy of Lizzie’s Networking book couldn’t come earlier as I have been told it is wise to begin marketing your book at least six months before you plan to publish it.

You can find the link to my books below:

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