Seventies Beats


The summer of Seventy-six
Reaching Minnie Ripperton’s high notes  
Studying for the Leaving
A heatwave
lemonade, tall grass,  
Cycling to the lake
hair flying in the breeze
Diving in
Initial freeze
Sun on skin
Singing American Pie
Chevy to the Levy
What was a levy and why was it dry?
If Life is a Bowl of Cherries …
Singing harmony to Bohemian Rhapsody
Scaramouche, Play the Fandango
We were all opera singers
In our theatres of gravity
Janice Ian’s At Seventeen
Flicking pages of Edna O’Brien
Or was it Flowers in the Attic?
Feeling erratic
Flying free with Johnathon Livingston Seagull
The Dandelion Market
Henna, bangles, dangly earrings
Indian dresses, scents of Incense  
Patchouli, Lemon, Frankincense
Conforming, Civil Service
Merrion Square
Squeeze in the box
Feeling Nervous
Nutty rolls from Kylemore
Miles of walking through Dublin streets
Buses packed, one, two, three
Feeling the rhythm of tired feet
Living in that Georgian house
Leaky ceilings in heavy rain
Gas heaters, noxious fumes
Moore Street on a Saturday
Five for a Pound!
Bargains all round
Woman selling newspapers in a pram
Outside the Gresham
All in a day’s walk
Then, the backpack days
Sleeping on stony beaches in Hydra or Crete
Sore feet, heavy pack, hot sun
Feigning fainting, laughing all the way
Back to the wetlands—not so bad after all
Off again
Picking grapes by the Mosel
Blasting sun
Wine at night
Blazing fires
Working in Harley Street
White uniforms
Relief at Shepherd’s Bush
Walking along Baker Street
Jerry Rafferty in my ear

Dance Away with Brian Ferry
Portobello Road
Jamaican flair
Wild hair
Top Shop, Mary Quant
Remembering the sunshine
the melting tar
the music of that era
one of the best so far


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