Sloths and Tangled Wool

I can’t believe I’ve not written anything here for months.

Today, I succumbed to the WP ads, which I’ve managed to ignore for so long. I’ve finally signed up for a premium plan but now the next decision I have to make is which of my sites to upgrade.

Should I create an author page with my real name? Or should I upgrade my Healing/Reader page? I have such a hard time with decisions sometimes. These are questions I’m asking myself but do feel free to give me your tuppenceworth.

I’ve almost finished my second novel and this time I want to use my own name instead of a pseudonym for it. I’m also considering changing my author name on my first novel, but that would mean having to redo the cover. I don’t want to lose the few reviews I’ve managed to garner. I feel as if I’m doing everything backwards.

No, I feel as if I’m a ball of tangled wool.

colorful knitwear wool knitting
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I find it hard to believe that almost a year has passed since I had my date with an agent. All I need to do is make those final edits and patch over a few plot holes. So, what’s holding me up? I must be the sloth of the writing community.

Apropo sloth. And this pertains to my other business.

I have an interesting story for you.

I’ve given oodles of reflexology treatments to people in the past. I’ve also had some interesting experiences with Reiki and other energy healing systems.

You can read all about them in my non-fiction book. Red Hat, Green Boots by Barbara E Doran. It’s available on Amazon.

Because I’m thinking of starting my healing business again, at least two days a week, while using the rest of the time to concentrate on writing and all it entails, I recently treated myself to a reflexology treatment while on holidays.

It was blissful and the lovely woman went out of her way to create a memorable experience. We chatted about this and that.

“I never know what to say,” she said, “when people ask me what Reiki is. ”

We discussed the images that sometimes come up during an energy healing. She told me about the time she was treating a woman who was having problems getting pregnant. While she was treating the woman, she saw a little hand appear and then another. A little face followed.

It was a sloth.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t sure whether or not to mention what she had seen. When the treatment was over, she asked the woman. “Do you like sloths?”

The woman laughed and said. “Well, I call my husband the sloth because is so slow.

What are the chances!

Shortly afterwards, the woman had her own baby sloth.

That story made my day.

One of my favourite quotes by Roald Dahl.

Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Hello! I’m on the way.

This is how our minds work. We start with one one thing and end up with another. Isn’t this normal?

At least I’ve written something. That’s a start.

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