Raw Lines from a Busy Mind

A side of me doesn’t want to avoid topics

because they disturb you, or him, or her

I know nobody who wants their peace disturbed

But there’s a lot of anger simmering in people


I do not believe most people want to destroy

unless they feel they have nothing to lose

unless their sense of injustice is too hard to bear


I brush these thoughts aside and gaze out the window

watching the tall pink flowers sway in the breeze

The white rose hides behind the tall grass

shaded by the buddlea


communing with bees and butterflies


My mind is restored now

to a semblance of peace

I am lucky; I have a house, a garden

food on my table

nice things to think about

Yet I cannot ignore the world around me

I will not ignore it

present and peony 001

If the first suffragette had not protested

would we have the vote?

If Rosa Parks had not been brave and refused to budge

would our black brothers and sisters be able to sit on a bus

like the rest of us?


Am I the rose, hiding behind the tall grass?

watching, waiting…

Am I the pink flower, swaying in the breeze, looking lovely?

Or the buddlea, basking in the sun

The oak, perhaps, who insists on dropping seeds, willy nilly,

like unwanted opinions?


If I ignore it, will it go away?







5 thoughts on “Raw Lines from a Busy Mind

  1. No, it won’t go away. We need to be more active,… I know I was on the streets with thousands of other students, during the Vietnam War…. but the young people today, at least in Germany, seem to be waiting behind their flowers. A very wise poem… got me thinking. Thank you Serendipitydoit!

  2. I’ve heard it said that history is god’s story, but I prefer to think of it as ours to shape. So far we haven’t done a stellar job of that. Hopefully that will change. I’m with you. I say let’s not bury our heads in the sand.

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