Dreams and Omens

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I’m about to go on holidays for a month and wanted to post something new. So, what to post?

I was at a loss, not that there aren’t numerous ideas floating around my brain.

But then I got distracted and was looking for something in my  Big Dream book, a journal I keep on dreams, musings and what have you.

I found this short entry dated March 16, 2016. I’d completely forgotten about it.

Finally some lovely dreams! And that after such a strange day yesterday. We have the waxing moon, and I read somewhere that we’re in between two powerful eclipses. I think the next one is in September.

I dreamt I was in the open air and this gorgeous bright yellow bird flew by me, did a few tricks and then disappeared. This happened a few times with different birds and funny little colourful creatures. I noticed a couple of people too who came toward me and then disappeared. I was thinking maybe it’s all true that we are all manisfesting everybody and everything around us.

Next, I was walking toward an old-fashioned horse and cart. I heard Irish music playing, diddlyiddly at its best. In the cart sat two men, two women; they didn’t look a bit like who they actually were. (I won’t mention names here to save the innocent). One was like the star from Star Wars, the main character, the blond fellow. I was most surprised by so and so. She looked gorgeous, fabulous skin, lovely figure, not too thin. I was expecting blanketyblank, so I’m wondering if she’s all right.

Then something about my two sons as small children. They were still in bed and I forget the rest.  But it was lovely, big beds! And I thought ‘let him sleep’ about one of my sons, because he needs it.

Next I watched as a really cool, midnight blue oldtimer, low on the road, long and gorgeous, drove by slowly. It looked like Bob Dylan or Prince driving it. I couldn’t be sure. The driver was black in any case but also resembled Bob Dylan (that’s dreams for you).

Prince stopped, looked out of the back of the car, opened the side window and began chatting to me. I couldn’t believe it was him. We ended up having a lovely time.  He kissed me and the electricity zinged through me and I thought, Oh, this is possible!! Later, his boyfriend came in and Prince seemed cool with that, but I was trying to explain it to him.

Very vivid and colourful dreams.

So, I’m wondering what that was all about, especially in light of the fact that Prince has now left the realm of the living a week ago. I was shocked, like most other people because I loved Prince’s music, just like David Bowie. They were both other-wordly. But it’s not as if I was an avid fan. I admired him a lot because he did his own thing, and I absolutely loved Purple Rain. I did see him in concert in Minneapolis back in the 80’s though. I was living in the U.S. at the time, but that’s so long ago, and I can’t remember much about it.

Of course it could be pure coincidence. I’ve long learned that dreams are cryptic in nature. Mine are definitely enhanced around the time of the waxing or full moon. What about yours?

They say everybody dreams. We dream every night, but we often forget them. My husband loves to tease me, “Now was this a dream or reality?” he’d say. He rarely remembers his dreams, but then again he jumps up as soon as his eyes open, not very conducive to retaining dreams. Even if he did remember his dream, he woud dismiss it as pure coincidence.

One of my favourite quotes is:

Those who do not believe in magic will never experience it.

I’m pretty sure we all have so-called prophetic dreams at times. I know I’ve had a few over the years, and it’s always nice when they can be verified. I even won a nice little sum on the Lotto once, because I followed a dream. No; I didn’t get the numbers, but I did follow the symbols and play… and win! The good thing was that I had acted out of character and told several people I was going to win in that particular draw. Some even called me on the day. Imagine the shock when it actually happened. I would have been pretty embarrassed if it hadn’t happened. So I have at least a couple of people who can verify that.

I was also guided to check particular details for a pretty big exam I sat in 1999. So the next morning, the morning of the exam, I flicked through my books and memorised some lab data; I knew that was my weak point. It was my saving grace and I flew through the exam.

Oh, I could write a book about this.

Do let me know about your prophetic dreams and signs you’ve followed.









4 thoughts on “Dreams and Omens

  1. When I started reading your blog I sort of freaked out. I think I’m the yellow bird. 🙂 After wanting to buy a record player for a long time, I finally have, and just love the fact that I can listen to my old albulms and those of my parents. One of the albulms from my father is calypso music, which I have been listening to in the morning while making our beds. And guess what the song is: Yellow Bird. I just love it and lilsten to it almost every morning. Your dream sounds vivid, but also confusing. I usually don’t dream at all… I’m too tired to dream… lol…. I know Steven King got many ideas for his books through his dreams. Great post!

  2. Thanks, Angelika.Congrats on buying a record player. We still have all the good old albums I used to love listening to. I must look up Yellow Bird. The nature of dreams is often confusing; most of them are a mish mash of stuff the brain is sorting out, otherwise we’d go completely mad, what with all the stimuli we’re faced with every day. So those three dream snippits are not connected. Yes, Stephen King is a big dreamer. Many musicians and creative folk have been led by their dreams. I think it’s fascinating. Now I’ll have an Ohrwurm, humming Yellow Bird all day.

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