sky for blog post

I saw a pile of sand pouring onto the pavement

It looked like a lion, lounging

I drove through the night watching a triangle of stars

And thought it was an alien craft

I saw the crescent moon, luminous, ethereal

Like a slice of hope, mother of pearl, a beacon

In the midnight sky


I stare at hedges and I’m somewhere else

Faces of creatures and people live there

What do they see when they look at me?

And where do they go at night?

While I am sleeping

Do they come alive?

Or walk like the trees in the forest


The sun dances in a pool of light

I life my eyes and squint

Sprites fly in the sky

It’s the stuff we’re made of

Those silvery worms of life

Dancing together but never colliding

But wait


I thought I saw that lion move

And come to life

Imagine if it did?


6 thoughts on “

  1. How lovely. I see those figures and faces in trees and hedgerows. And the heavens ate alive with magical scenes.

  2. I absolutely love this poem. What a tremendous imagination you have. Writer! Writer! Writer! 🙂

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