Petals of One Flower


We watch and wait with bated breath and woe

Confronted with confounded sense and fears

Events unfurl, such sudden death, in tow

Who’s next we ask, in sad suspense, and tears


To see our clan who suffers such travails

While we continue with our lives back here

We pause to feel their sadness, hear their tales

The pain’s so harsh; we flee and go not there


We enter worlds, distracting from that place,

Where buds are sprouting from awakened soil.

Birds chirp and chatter, dismal thoughts erase

Horrific scenes from whence our souls recoil.


This too will pass and we’ll forget once more

For this is how we cope with fear and stress

What’s far away cannot affect our core

It’s nature’s way to toss it and suppress


We must remember in this most dismal hour

That all of us are petals of one flower


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