Throwing Seeds for Bees


We’re in between two eclipses
Illuminating insecurities
Re-examining our past
Getting glimpses of the future
Where are we going? What’s important?
What’ll we leave behind?
The baggage, the worn-out clothes
Idiotic ideas, psychobabble

And you know, you can’t find your own truth
If you don’t listen to yourself
Cut out the noise for a while every day
Re-align yourself with who you are
Go back to the happy times, the best moments
Those times you laughed out loud
They are probably the simplest moments

Maybe it is true that this stage we’re on
The play we’re in is self-written
Isn’t that just something?
We can mould and shape is as we want
Rewrite the script
Add more humour, snazz up the dialogue
Cut out some of the annoying characters

Our cells respond to the vibration of the words
The thoughts we think, the food we eat
The drinks we drink
Let’s think dazzling thoughts
plant a few pansies
They’re not expensive
Or Violas with their little smiling faces
Dig up a few weeds and cut back
The rose bushes?
If you know where to cut; I’m not always sure

The sun will be shining soon and you want that
Garden to be pretty
But don’t cut back too far
Leave room for the bird’s nests
And don’t forget to throw
Handfuls of wild flowers seeds
We need those bees


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