Petals of One Flower


We watch and wait with bated breath and woe

Confronted with confounded sense and fears

Events unfurl, such sudden death, in tow

Who’s next we ask, in sad suspense, and tears


To see our clan who suffers such travails

While we continue with our lives back here

We pause to feel their sadness, hear their tales

The pain’s so harsh; we flee and go not there


We enter worlds, distracting from that place,

Where buds are sprouting from awakened soil.

Birds chirp and chatter, dismal thoughts erase

Horrific scenes from whence our souls recoil.


This too will pass and we’ll forget once more

For this is how we cope with fear and stress

What’s far away cannot affect our core

It’s nature’s way to toss it and suppress


We must remember in this most dismal hour

That all of us are petals of one flower


Throwing Seeds for Bees


We’re in between two eclipses
Illuminating insecurities
Re-examining our past
Getting glimpses of the future
Where are we going? What’s important?
What’ll we leave behind?
The baggage, the worn-out clothes
Idiotic ideas, psychobabble

And you know, you can’t find your own truth
If you don’t listen to yourself
Cut out the noise for a while every day
Re-align yourself with who you are
Go back to the happy times, the best moments
Those times you laughed out loud
They are probably the simplest moments

Maybe it is true that this stage we’re on
The play we’re in is self-written
Isn’t that just something?
We can mould and shape is as we want
Rewrite the script
Add more humour, snazz up the dialogue
Cut out some of the annoying characters

Our cells respond to the vibration of the words
The thoughts we think, the food we eat
The drinks we drink
Let’s think dazzling thoughts
plant a few pansies
They’re not expensive
Or Violas with their little smiling faces
Dig up a few weeds and cut back
The rose bushes?
If you know where to cut; I’m not always sure

The sun will be shining soon and you want that
Garden to be pretty
But don’t cut back too far
Leave room for the bird’s nests
And don’t forget to throw
Handfuls of wild flowers seeds
We need those bees


Finishing your Book-The Big Picture


I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to finish my debut novel. I feel like a tortoise, plugging along, as all the gazelles go whizzing by.

Call me the tortoise of the author world.  turtle-279399_640

I could laugh when I think of how, a couple of years ago, I thought I was finished. But then, after seeing an ad offering a free first chapter developmental edit, I sent off my manuscript and was so impressed with the editor’s work that I hired her to go through my entire manuscript. She said some very nice things but also gave me a lot of food for thought. She was well worth the money.

So it was back to the drawing board! The editor lives downunder, on the other side of the world. It’s amazing, when you think about it.

Although she was full of praise, there were several things she recommended I fix. Between one thing and another, it took me almost another year. I can hardly believe it myself.

Of course there were many interruptions, family things, trips, learning social media etc. Oh yes, and reading lots. You’d think I had all the time in the world.

The good news is that I’ve learned so much in the process of editing. I hadn’t added enough tag lines in dialogue. My book probably read more like a script than a novel. I needed to intersperse more description, but not lose the flow, because that was one thing everybody who had read Where She Belongs commented on positively.

It’s all about the flow.

Another thing I did was to hire a really good cover designer. All of this takes time. It was up to me to search through various photo communities, choose a few pictures I liked, look through book sites for covers I liked. I wanted to do my own cover, but I decided to leave it to the experts.

It feels good when you see your cover; it’s something to work with and it gives the whole thing a feeling of being real.

I then sent the changes back to the editor. She gave me the thumbs up but said I’d need another proof read to catch niggly little issues. This is what I’m doing now.

I’ve transferred my manuscript to my Kindle and am reading through it, line by line. The spacing was a huge issue, so I had to go back into the manuscript, do a search and replace to remove the annoying habit I have of inserting two spaces between sentences. I’ve been updating the manuscript, removing the old version from my Kindle, uploading the newest version, finding other formatting issues etc. repeating the whole procedure. Now it’s looking much better and I’m half way through…and my eyes are heavy from all this screen work.

But I’m almost there. I’ve decided to publish with Amazon. I honestly don’t have the energy to go looking for an agent. Now I’m impatient to see my book in print. I’m tired of making excuses to friends and family who have no idea how long it actually takes.

The good thing is that I can now apply what I’ve learned to the other two novels I’ve half finished. This time I’m prepared to go a bit faster. I’ll never be a gazelle, but I’m leaving the tortoise behind.

Here’s a picture of my book cover. I expect to have it up and running by the end of March at the very latest.   .

Where She Belongs Cover SMALL AVATAR