I’m Day, I’m Night


Sometimes I’m green, I’m an ecologically-minded queen
I buy organic seeds and nuts, wouldn’t touch saccharine
Never a fanatic, I tend to be dramatic on occasion

You see, I don’t fit the mould; I’m of no particular persuasion
I love to fly high in the sky but worry about carbon emissions
Don’t agree with wars, would never buy munitions

Yet, there are times when we need to protect ourselves from invasion
I’m African, Asian, globally minded, sometimes Caucasian
Consumerism is such a modern-day illness but I enjoy
Buying all those shiny, glittery things, don’t destroy
My plastic cards though. I might see something I can’t do without.
I like the illusion of freedom and sometimes wonder what it’s all about

You can check my whereabouts, my shopping bouts, and my actions
What books I read, the things think I need. You’ll see my latest transactions
on Amazon, E-bay, monitor my movements. Make me feel I’m anonymous
I’d like to have a navigating system ‘because I want to feel autonomous
I only ride my bike on balmy sunny days, prefer the comfort of my car
Haven’t yet got solar panels but I admire them from afar

Rarely use the microwave, never nuke my food covered in plastic
Somehow I guessed long ago the consequences could be drastic
So getting back to my ecological side, I slide sometimes indeed
Would like to eliminate, exterminate injustice; spread to those in need
Some things I do right; do you understand my plight?
Never quite consistent, ever so persistent, I’m day, I’m night.

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