A Query Poem

Where She Belongs Cover MEDIUM WEB

Dear Mrs. Agent
I’ve written a book
It’s character driven
There’s even a hook

The theme is of love
Of finding one’s place
The story developed
From Spain as a base

The woman, unhappy
Decides to flee
Returns to Ireland
Beside the sea

No, wait
There’s more
You won’t be bored
I thought I heard a little snore

Before you dismiss me and turn all leery
I’ve having some problems writing my Query
I’d like to do it but don’t want to grovel
Can’t write a Query but have written a novel

My fingers get stuck on the keys all the time
When I try to explain ‘bout the storyline
It’s about love, but there’s a lot more than that
She finds a job and even a flat

It’s not really a flat, it’s a house by the sea
She’s starting off new, mixing sadness with glee
Sad for her man she’s left behind
Happy for the contract and the job she’s just signed

Life always knocks us with surprise
Something to teach us and open our eyes
While she’s getting to know the characters there
A niggling doubt begins to flare

What’s wrong with the old lady who lives next door?
Why don’t they like Maggie, her boss in the store?
Scratch the friendly, colourful scene
All’s not perfect in the landscape of green

But then there’s Tom
The handsome bomb
Well, he’s a charmer alright
And a modern-day knight

It gets complicated
When Javier joins the scene
The husband she left
The one that was mean

Before I reveal too much of the plot
I’ll reveal, she’s got herself in a right knot
Thank you for reading through to the end
Perhaps you can connect with a publisher friend?

Liz Doran
The End

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