To Blog or not to Blog and Forms of Expression

choosing a Topic for your Blog

If you’re like me, you probably spend some time thinking about what to write for your blog. A niggling voice inside your head might even tell you to forget about it. You will not be heard. Your voice is fading in the wilderness, even before you take your place in the field of dreams. There are so many bloggers out there; so many exerting themselves to make it upstream. Who wants to listen to what you have to say? You don’t stand a chance.
I say, don’t pay any heed to that little voice. What do you have to lose? Nobody needs to give you permission to express yourself, however you see fit. You should write whatever is on your mind. It seems that no matter what we do, we cannot please everybody, but we can please ourselves.

Sometimes I remind myself that we are all merely passing through. This works wonders in preventing me from taking myself too seriously.

So why are we so afraid to show our inner thoughts to the world?

If we write with the pure intention of showing our brilliant and unique mind processes, we run the risk of losing the plot. Are we trying to impress? Why not scribble our thoughts in a journal and leave it at that.
The only way to write is from the heart. Pour parts of yourself into what you write. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability.

Yesterday, I happened upon a blog by a young man who revealed something very private about himself. He wrote about why he attempted to commit suicide. At first I thought, No, don’t do it, don’t tell this to the world. But it was honest, well-written and helped me to understand what he and people like him are going through. It must have taken a lot of courage, but I suspect he felt he had nothing to lose either. After all, his co-workers, friends and family all know about it anyway. Now they can understand him better. Judging by the comments, there are many people feeling as desperate as he was. By revealing his pain, and by admitting that he has no obvious reason for feeling so forlorn in the world, I suspect he will help many others, regardless of their age.

And so, even if we write about losing the lid of the teapot, we will have expressed ourselves. Does this mean that we should write any old thing? I suppose it depends on how you write it. The most mundane things can be made into something beautiful. Like an artist faced with a blank canvas, he creates his image with few tools, but it’s the composition and the colours he chooses that makes his art unique.

Sometimes we dismiss what we know, assuming everybody knows that anyway. But what if they don’t?

Am I the only one who feels like this? Is everybody else more computer savvy than me? Will I look like a fool? The voice is relentless; like a mad dog it just won’t let go.

If only I could write as freely as I think, I would have a blog up every day. Isn’t most of life a work of art anyway?

For those of us who have to write, we will find a way, no matter what. If I were to consider what I would take with me if stranded on a desert island, I would take as many books as possible and a stack of journals and pens. A friend of mine, who happens to be an artist, has lost most of her worldly goods. She paints and does photography, but now in her cramped flat, her normal creativity is blocked. It’s a long story… Without a proper studio, and without a laptop, she cannot continue to work as she has done in the past. The situation is, I am sure, temporary. But the muse breaks through and finds another avenue.

Her creative avenue is now knitting. I don’t think she is aware that each pair of socks she knits is a work of art. ‘Look,’ she’ll say, as she shows me her newest work-in-progress. ‘The orange part at the top is the sun rise, the pale blue/turquoise main body is the sky, and the green feet depicts the fresh, green grass.’

‘Yes, but what is that circle in the middle?’ I ask.

She sips a glass of wine.

‘That’s the whole wide world,’ she says, with a crazy laugh. Knitting has become her lifeline and, despite her restriction, she has found a way to express herself and retain some semblance of sanity. As I look at the pile of socks, each with its own theme and meaning, I feel both tenderness and awe at the resilience of the human spirit. I know that she has sat there, night after night, knitting up a storm and pouring in all her emotions as she tries to keep paddling on the stormy seas. Something as simple as knitting socks can be a saving grace.

the socks I knit

It is our nature to find some way of expressing ourselves. So maybe your blog will ignite a spark of recognition in your reader. You never know. Just don’t ever give up. There’s a whole wide world out there, millions of thought processes, laughter, tears, people riding the crest of the wave, others being pulled down into the murky waters, only to rise again, refreshed and renewed, while some are merely skating on the surface and hoping the ice won’t break.

So, what do we have to lose? Just do it!

6 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog and Forms of Expression

  1. I love this… “people riding the crest of the wave, others being pulled down into the murky waters, only to rise again, refreshed and renewed, while some are merely skating on the surface and hoping the ice won’t break.” Life and fear of self expression in a nutshell.

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